About Us

In almost forty years of custom case building, we've delivered a myriad of solutions—each one more complex than the last. But over that time, we’ve also gotten feedback from people who need just a few custom road cases for their upcoming tour, trade show, or just a case for their very unique specialty equipment. The common feeling is one of frustration—being turned away from other companies for being too small to serve, yet still being left with just as big of a problem.

Call us crazy, but we think that sucks. If we only serve big companies with “big” needs, then we leave the smaller, up-and-coming folks in the dust and we don’t provide opportunity through pragmatic solution. And what about the engineer or designer at a Fortune 500 company who wants something DIY that just doesn’t exist in mass production? We see you, too. The Road Case Designer was born out of our desire to see the individual, the small company, the very-specific-but-very-cool person out there who needs to store and transport their stuff, and there just isn’t a solution out there that fits you.

Our goal is to make sure that each of our customers has a painless experience finding a custom case that solves their particular problem. So if you have any feedback on ways that we could better serve you or our future customers, please head over to the Contact Us page and let us know how. We can’t emphasize enough how much it matters to us to hear from you and do right by you.