Music to your ears... and hands, back,
wallet, airport checking fees...

You make the music, and we make making the music easier.

Back before man discovered fire, road cases were made to answer the prayers of traveling musicians. With the evolution of fire, we now have BBQs. And with the evolution of music, we have the evolution of music gear. Mics and monitors. Axes and amps. Bass drums and bongos. Lighting gear and LED road cases. And as the gear has evolved, we think road cases should evolve right alongside them. With our cutting edge technology, you can design the exact cases you need for your retro-futuristic indie tech-rock group that someone’s mom will wrongly and hilariously label “screamo” music.

But if you’re more of a data-freak (we love that), check out a few reasons why road cases might be the best route for you...

  • They’re lightweight—so they’re easy to move around each gig.
  • Durable—so you know you can rely on them every gig.
  • And protective—so you know your equipment will be safe.
  • You can build the case to the exact size you need and abandon the squeezing/jamming of yesteryear.
  • Add padding to protect the sensitive equipment and delicate instruments that match your sensitive song-making.
  • You can make it black so it blends in the wings, or a bright color so you stand out from the crowd (and don’t lose it).
  • Add wheels so you can roll it all over the venue or keep them off so you can use the case as a stage diving platform.

Quick Ship

You know, in my dad's younger days he did a lot of culinary experimentation, which is to say he regularly combined multiple nights of leftovers. One night he struck gold with a sort of meat and mashed potato casserole. For years he would brag about this dish until somebody informed him it was just shepherd's pie. Sure my dad was miffed, but he did learn a valuable lesson: sometimes you just aren't as unique as you think you are. So if you need a 72"x23.75"x19" carpet lined road case with 3.5" casters, you might want to pump the brakes on that design tool because we already have it in stock.

Create Your Own

"When I am completely myself, entirely alone during the night when I cannot sleep, it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly."
-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Stole the words out of our mouths, Wolfie. Similarities abound between composing timeless classical music and designing a peerless road case. Both require the courage to pursue a goal only you can see. Both demand a team to bring your vision to life. Both were mastered by Joseph Haydn. Prepare to put your heart (and your cargo) into a one-of-a-kind case.

Designed By Pros

Perhaps you're the proud owner of the "Happy Birthday Paulie" robot from Rocky IV. If I were you (and boy I wish I was), I would need to take him all over. But I'm not trying to have him bouncing around the back of a van growing resentment for me. I've seen that movie and I know how it ends. He's getting a ramp, a bespoke foam cocoon, and compartments for his personal effects. Now you probably don't have the Rocky IV robot (please reach out if you do), but maybe you do have a really unique project or a large order you need to get right. You might need pros to get you the right solution. That could be us. We could be your pros.

We know how important road cases are to the music industry, but we’re also intimately familiar with the diverse and varying needs of musicians. No one but you knows what you need, and if you’re art doesn’t fit into a perfect little box—your equipment likely doesn’t either. And both of those are a good thing. Specify what you need. Then we build it. And then you win a Grammy without back problems.