How do I start customizing?

Launch our design tool! I feel like you didn’t need to come to the FAQs to find that. We don’t exactly hide it.

How do I select the right size case?

We recommend laying your cargo on the ground and measuring the length, width, and height. Make sure to take note of how padding choices may affect cavity dimensions. The soft foam is pretty compressible while the hard foam is, well, not. Also, if you’re trying to fit the case exterior in a particular space, make sure to take note of the exterior dimensions of your case, which can be found on the review tab of the design tool.

Do I have to download and install a program?

Absolutely not! The design tool runs in any modern web browser.

Can I design on my tablet or smartphone?

You sure can! Since the entire process is done in the web app, no specific hardware is necessary. I would advise that we did optimize the site for desktop, so if you run into any problems on mobile, you might want to give us a second chance on a computer.

What about my smart fridge?

I implore you to try it.

Why is it asking me to create an account?

By creating an account, you’ll be able to reorder your designs in the future, see past orders, save shipping information, and other helpful goodies.

Is there some sort of tutorial I can follow?

Yeah, come check it out. It was actually the link immediately underneath this one. Were you actually looking for it or are you just a question-asker? Actually, I shouldn’t be asking questions. That’s the opposite of the purpose of this page.

Are there minimum quantity requirements?

Nope! Order one, ten, a hundred—whatever ruffles your truffles.

How do I choose which foam to use?

Soft foam (Ester) is generally pretty soft. You’re probably gonna want that if you need a little bit of give or have delicate parts. Hard foam (polyethylene) is pretty hard. A solid option if you’re transporting heavier, ruggeder parts.

How is pricing calculated?

We got an intern with a spreadsheet furiously trying to keep up with every change you make. Nah, but pricing is calculated dynamically as you design your case. Each of your selections may mean your case requires more or less material or parts, so instead of charging you for the most expensive case you can build, our price matches your case. Pay for only what you need.

How do I know if my parts will fit in the case I designed? Can I send you my parts?

The absolute best way to make sure is the whole “measure twice, cut once” thing. If you measure correctly, your case will fit your parts. Now if you have a larger project that requires the expertise of a professional design team, you should reach out.

How do you ensure the case I design is the case I receive?

Each case is artisanally crafted by our manufacturing team. Throughout the process, there are countless safeguards to confirm that the case we create is the case you dreamed up. If for some reason you order a big ol’ blue case and get a little ol’ red one, we’ll certainly correct the mistake.

How do I order?

Once you’ve reviewed your case, simply add it to your cart and check out. No contact forms, no phone calls, and your order is placed instantly. Pretty standard stuff.

How do I reorder?

Just open the design tool and login to your account. Boom, reorder to your heart’s content.

Can I order large quantities of my design?

You can order as many copies of your design as you like. You can also order as many different designs as you like.

How soon will my custom case(s) be delivered?

On your stoop in three weeks.


The interior dimensions are the measurements of the inside of the case. In other words, the size of the largest item you could fit inside the case. The exterior dimensions are the outside. In other words, the size of the smallest space in which you could fit the case. Because the walls of the case are not infinitesimally small, the exterior dimensions are slightly larger. If your case has wheels, the exterior dimensions will capture their added height, while the interior dimensions will not.

Why won’t you find a nice girl and settle down?

Oof, wasn’t expecting that. Uhh, I guess, like, uhh, I don’t know, whenever it works out... (Is that you Aunt Linda?)

What’s the difference between Ready-Made and DIY?

Ready-Made cases show up to you already assembled ready to be used right away. If you select the DIY option, you will instead receive the parts of your custom case unassembled and flat. This saves you a bit on labor and shipping costs, but we do not recommend it for those who do not have experience assembling road cases.

How do I decide on wheels?

First things first, if you want to roll your case, you’ll want wheels. After that, you gotta start thinking about how you’re going to use the case. If you foresee taking the case onto grass or other imperfect surfaces, you might want to opt for the 8” tires. If you have some particularly heavy cargo, the 5” casters might make travel smoother. The handle and edge wheels are great if you want a handle and edge wheels. Other than that, the 3.5” casters are a timeless classic.

Who are road cases for?


That didn’t really seem like a genuine answer. For real?

For the most part, yeah. I’m not saying that anyone using any other kind of case is wrong because different cases have different strengths. But road cases are basically like a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-a-lot-of-the-trades solution.

Do these last as long as stock cases?

Your custom road case is constructed the exact same way from the exact same materials as stock cases. If anything, your custom case should have a longer, healthier life since it’s doing the job it was purpose-built for.

Can I return my custom case?

Unfortunately, since each case is built to order, we are not able to accept general returns. Of course, if the case arrives broken or does not match your design submission, please get in touch.

If I choose DIY, how do I put the case together? What tools do I need?

There are just about a billion road case assembly tutorials on YouTube, so I would definitely direct you over there. For the most part, your workhorse is going to be your drill. Although we do not recommend the DIY option for non-experts, we trust you to make the right decision for you.

If I choose a foam-lined option, does the foam come lined to the case or do I have to glue it myself?

If it’s Ready-Made, that case is going to have the foam glued in. No hassle to you. If it’s DIY, you’ll be gluing it in yourself. Little bit of hassle. (Sorry!)

Can I add additional hardware once I get my case? How do I do it?

We are absolutely not going to stand in your way. Some people like to put in extra handles, wheels, latches, periscopes, etc. Most of this is still going to be done with a drill, and YouTube tutorials are going to be your friend.

Is there anywhere I can read a couple paragraphs about who you are and why you do what you do?

What are some of the features your professional designers could put in a case?

We can do ramps, clamshell openings, side openings, custom foam, compartments, exotic materials, unorthodox shapes, and a lot more. Please reach out, our design team loves this stuff.

I already have AutoCAD drawings of my parts. Can I upload them to you?

Not yet, but stay tuned. In the meantime, your best bet would be to use the measurements from those drawings to create your case.

Do you do poems?

There once was a road case from Boston,

Whose contents weren’t meant to be tossed in.

They banged all around,

To a pulp, they were ground.

Living life with the wrong case? Exhaustin’!