Fly high without fearing
for the safety of your stuff...

It's like the hardware version of a Xanax.

All jokes aside—aerospace equipment is delicate, expensive, and extremely important to take care of properly. From recreational drones to airplane maintenance equipment, nothing’s getting off the ground if your gear arrives in multiple pieces. Our tailor-made cases far exceed the ATA-300 standards—and can be customized with casters, stencils, custom foam inserts, and the use of plastic composite boards to reduce unnecessary weight. For contractors and military agencies who need a bit more customization (steel forklift guides, ratchet straps, and caster storage, etc.)—our Engineered Services Group can help you design a solution to meet your demanding and sensitive specifications.

If you’re asking yourself if this might apply to you, here are a few applications for our aerospace cases:

  • APU’s
  • Batteries
  • Black box transporters
  • Flight controls
  • Landing gear
  • Oxygen bottles

And if you’re like yeah, yeah okay—but aerospace cases do exist in standard formats elsewhere. What are the pros to going custom? Well, we have a few cases (wink) we’d like to make for that:

  • Flight cases were created to serve the unique needs of the aerospace industry, and the ability to customize means your particular needs are met outside of the box (pun intended)
  • Our cases are built to defend your gear when the back of the truck gets bouncy, the skies get turbulent, and when the baggage handlers get careless.
  • Going custom means you can ensure maximum protection with the least amount of unnecessary weight.
  • Lightweight construction and silky-smooth wheels ensure your case is super easy to move around the world.
  • Few industries rival aerospace’s emphasis on minimizing excess cargo size—so you have the ability to build your case without an inch being wasted.
  • You have control over the padding—for especially delicate pieces of equipment like deep space telescope mirrors, satellites, and calibration kits.
  • Choose a color that will never get mixed up at baggage claim. Or just go black. It’s your catwalk, we won’t tell you how to strut.
  • If you want to go Tony Hawk and add wheels—we’ve got the right ones for you whether you’re gliding through terminals or bouncing over asphalt (or flippin’ wheelies in the skate park).

Quick Ship

You know, in my dad's younger days he did a lot of culinary experimentation, which is to say he regularly combined multiple nights of leftovers. One night he struck gold with a sort of meat and mashed potato casserole. For years he would brag about this dish until somebody informed him it was just shepherd's pie. Sure my dad was miffed, but he did learn a valuable lesson: sometimes you just aren't as unique as you think you are. So if you need a 72"x23.75"x19" carpet lined road case with 3.5" casters, you might want to pump the brakes on that design tool because we already have it in stock.

Create Your Own

"When I am completely myself, entirely alone during the night when I cannot sleep, it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly."
-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Stole the words out of our mouths, Wolfie. Similarities abound between composing timeless classical music and designing a peerless road case. Both require the courage to pursue a goal only you can see. Both demand a team to bring your vision to life. Both were mastered by Joseph Haydn. Prepare to put your heart (and your cargo) into a one-of-a-kind case.

Designed By Pros

Perhaps you're the proud owner of the "Happy Birthday Paulie" robot from Rocky IV. If I were you (and boy I wish I was), I would need to take him all over. But I'm not trying to have him bouncing around the back of a van growing resentment for me. I've seen that movie and I know how it ends. He's getting a ramp, a bespoke foam cocoon, and compartments for his personal effects. Now you probably don't have the Rocky IV robot (please reach out if you do), but maybe you do have a really unique project or a large order you need to get right. You might need pros to get you the right solution. That could be us. We could be your pros.

We understand how important flight cases are to the aerospace community, but we also know just how diverse those uses can be—and that’s exactly why we put all the control in your (very capable) hands. We build the cases precisely to your specifications using the same processes we use for stock cases, and then ship it to you directly. Once you have your custom case from RCD, you’ll wonder how you ever flew without it (...probably with a Xanax).